Botswana International Culture Festival

Destiny Scape PTY Ltd as a theoretical and conceptual framework seeks to take a Renaissance approach to art and various forms of artistic expression. In this context, culture and art is not just art for art's sake, but is the creative cultural production of a people’s common history, common life styles and their common and collective aspiration for a higher form of life and humanity. Every ethnic group and tribe in Botswana has their own distinct culture.

This means that there are similarities, overlaps and dis-similarities between the individual Botswana tribal cultures. The similarities and overlaps in the cultures create a sense of a homogeneous national culture, but the existing dis-similarities remind us that the considered 'national culture' is a beautiful patch-work of different cultures. The dis-similarities in cultures that manifest in different cultural components must be acknowledged as true and creating diversity among the people of Botswana. These different components include art and crafts, myths and legends, ceremonies and celebrations, rituals and rites, beliefs and religion, and norms and values.

This International culture day is meant for creative productive capacity with an emphasis on sustainability. The goal of such sustainability is to create and support the growth of the creative industries, such that they generate their own revenue streams and are not just dependent on government, foundation, or corporate charitable giving, which may change from year to year. A key goal, in this respect, is to contribute to the re-introduction of the Arts back in school curriculums, with a focus on Cultural Reconstruction. The Botswana International Cultural Project and Destiny Scape (PTY) LTD will work in concert to market the creative genius of Botswana mind and spirit, consistent with the communal character of the Botswana Personality.

This will be achieved by harnessing and assembling the best and brightest creative minds in the Botswana Community. Festivals are not only for entertainment, but are the artistic manifestation of a peoples values, collective personality, cultural creativity and ultimately, their aspiration and vision of a higher level of life. The festival approach would also highlight the Africanism in Architecture, Technology, Interior Decorating, Fashion, Language and even the artistry of the way we love when in harmony with our Bots-African self. The distinctions in these art forms are not only a source of pride and dignity for our people, but also form the basis for creating and developing new industries which give rise to jobs and revenue sources for our community's creative expansiveness, self-sufficiency and sustainability.

This Annual Event would designate certain cities around the country where it will be held every year.

The theme for this event should be based on Cultural Sustainability. Sustainability in this context means that we seek to control creative production of every aspect of the industry, vertically and horizontally. Vertically, refers to control in each component of an industry, such as agriculture, processing, distribution, management, marketing, trademarks, intellectual rights, and residual revenues. Horizontal merely refers to control in each of the above categories. Building this kind of Sustainability into our industries insures not only control, but cooperative and collective benefit, as revenues can be used to build other industries in our communities, such as Cultural Centres and Sports Federations which are also revenue sources.

Botswana International Culture Festival
Start Date: 29 March, 2020
End Date: 30 March, 2020
Phone: 26777550170
Venue: Francistown Sports Complex